Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, I believe you are all well. It has been a long time and believe you me, a lot happened during the silence period. I’ve got a few things to share with on what the Lord dealt with me and some of you.

Today I will try to be direct and not long winded, as I continue my little effort of scratching on the topic of pleasure. But as you probably noticed, I have taken a slight different angle from the former article, however the subject matter remains the same.

“God made a person to thirst, to thirst after Him. And then if they do not accept that, then the devil gives them a false conception of pleasure and they try to satisfy it with the things of the world.” WMB, 60-0630.

The End Time Prophet William Marion Branham taught me that if there is a bogus dollar there is a true dollar. He emphasised that to know the bogus dollar you should study the REAL dollar more. However lately I’ve been studying the bogus dollar, and you know the result was…? If it wasn’t for the grace of God I would have accepted that there is no differences at all or even accept that the bogus dollar was indeed the original whilst the original was…, well the second version.

What I am putting across is that many a times as youths we focus on the things that we are not supposed to look at. If I want to be a musician I want to perfect my art by looking at someone who does it ‘better’ yet spreading a message that is different from what I believe. This is just an example.

Think of Sister Nelly Sanders, most are familiar with her story. She didn’t mean harm; neither did she think it wrong to go back to the dance floor. She had good intentions, she wanted to testify. She however lacked one needful thing. A wise man said, “You cannot defeat the devil in his grounds (especially if its your former weakness) when you do not have the HOLY GHOST”.

One time the prophet was flying and a beautiful Christian lady sat next to him. Surprisingly she pulled out a cigarette and fumbles with it for a time before lighting it up. Asked why she smoke and yet profess to be Christian, she responded that it gave her satisfaction. Yes, but she was ignorant that it was a demon of cancer that was making her smoke.

True saying. How many things we fumble at..should I do it, should I not. Why we have to wait for mom and dad to sleep so that we put that disc, or turn on that channel. Rather, when I go to college I live home in a long skirt and spend the whole semester in tights and pulling socks, and ride back home in a long skirt.

“Also, there is a control tower in your soul, that tells you the spiritual things that you have need of, something in your spirit, and, and you by this can tell what kind of a life is controlling you. WMB, 65-0919.”

There are a lot of little things that we live undone, little behaviours, little imaginations, and little fantasies whatsoever. Those are the things that one elder concluded, “ZVICHAKUWANA URI WEGA MUBANI”. HERE is a testimony from one sister…

She liked reading romantic novels, and that all she could do when she had done her chore or homework. One day she says, as she was reading a vision appeared before her reading the same book and behind her was a devil caressing her hair as she read. From then on she stopped, you might not read these books, but you like those series you know.

Every medium has an influence. That is the reason why they are called mediums (media) they are channels for different kind of spirits.

Rap music has murder behind it, RnB has lust and adultery behind it. Rock has Satanism and drugs country music has depression following it. Dancehall, reggae, raga and the likes has drugs and false religion and all of these regardless always come back to adultery climaxing into idolatry.


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