SHALOM, hope I find you all well and believing that the grace of the Almighty is abounding in your lives. Today I just want to share on a seemingly “radical” thought which has to do with social media.

The title “Pleasure in them that do them” is derived from the letter to the Romans, as Paul was pronouncing GOD’s judgement upon the people that committed heinous sins, as he ends he points that also that take pleasure in them are guilty as the partakers.

So one day as I was riding in a little bakkie with my friend we got to talk about the recent Xenophobia attacks as well as the atrocities carried out by the ISLAMIC militant group, ISIS.

The level of violence and murder are deplorable and stink before anyone who sees them videos which were changing “phones” (coz definitely they weren’t changing hands) on different social platforms.

We therefore engaged in a sentiment sharing session(not debate neither discussion) that the impact of the videos was negatively impacting on the human mind. The idea is the continual viewing of such violent content tend to sear the viewer of any conscience.

One friend of mine once emphasised that a man must watch such as to stabilize his heart. “Ndokuti murume, zvinosimbisa hana, kwete kuita kunge mukadzi,” he argued. I still do not find it worthwhile to torture my senses with a video that shows the decapitation of a fellow human being, by another.

I see no value or moral whatsoever in sharing such violent and disturbing videos of murder by a Christian just because you want to inform others how bad the world has become.

The simple argument is, shall I post and share a leaked pornographic video of whosoever in trying to prove to other people that this world is rotten to the core. If such is unacceptable then why would MURDER be acceptable amongst our circles.

Like I said, this is kinda ‘radical approach’ but to me it makes sense. People cease to value human life because what they are eating forms much of who they are. “You become what you eat”, echoed my prophet.

Its meaningless to have a gallery full of decapitated people images and videos of people being burnt. My heart goes out to those who suffered such injustices, but its no excuse to keep such. What for.

You might ask, why you concerned.. cause its judgement on those that take pleasure in them that do them. You might as well be justified watching Horror movies, since your heart is strong and cannot be affected.

GUILTY AS CHARGED. The same of knowing someone doing wrong and not advising them to stop, but taking interest in how they are faring in their shenanigans. GUILTY AS CHARGED, when pastors stand and admonish us to help them weed out culprits, such as was am, yet we stand stiff necked as if we heard nothing. GUILTY AS CHARGED!!

JUDGEMENT to those who TAKE pleasure in them that do them.

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