I hadn’t been in many youth camps before, I guess this was actually my first. I had heard stories of how such outings can change someone’s life, to the good or to the better.

Heard how that such camps are good meeting ground for future partners. You know such thoughts and ideas just floating around. Let me be quick to say I actually know of HOUSES standing today cause of youth camps, thats were it all started🙈.

So as a youngman with a little duty, I had many things in my mind. How was it going to work, what would be the outcome, can it really change me? Loads of unanswered questions, spiritual physical, social even questions I didn’t know I had until then.

Having been born and bred in the message, Living the ‘expected’ message way was never going to be an issue. The do’s and the don’ts, well I won’t dwell much on that.

But you know, preachers at local assemblies preach, teach and as always the issue of the Holy Spirit is EMPHASIZED.

So all these years I can actually point to 31 December 2011 at BV, when Br Gwena preached ‘Borrowed Time’ as my first encounter with Him.

BUT, by HIS grace he kept me.🙈OK, but then war started. Throughout my college years I never had problems or I can say problematic problems (since we always have problems).

Surviving at MSU, was one great adventure and I reckon that my college years was when I gained my spiritual muscles, and was really grounded in the message.

However because of reasoning too much, I wasn’t really able to have faith. I might be wrong but its my humble opinion that knowing and being exposed to many things makes an individual susceptible to spirits of delusion, heresy, and doctrinal diarrhea, all because of reasoning.

College went by, and H-town, too bad I’m a Johnny-Come-Late-To-Town, and you can imagine what can happen. But praise to God, I pressed on, though with scars, and some open wounds which some are still healing.

Now the period from 31/12/11 to some few days ago, I would point back to that day and say I met HIM. I don’t doubt I did, but remember He’s a Dove, timid and ACTUALLY DOES FLY AWAY when you can’t put your carnal nature under subjection to Gods word.

Thus before, Watershed, I really was in need of RE-BAPTISM. If I say I could feel, that something was lacking, I will be not telling the whole truth. I didn’t feel…I OF A FACT KNEW I WAS WITHOUT HIM, SOMEWHERE HE FLEW AWAY. When I say somewhere, I know where HE went away.

I’m one little individual who believe that you can be filled without sensation, which is True. But I also believe that as youths we console ourselves by such knowledge and presume that we are baptized by Him yet He ain’t there.

So whenever I would fall, I would rise, tidy, fix myself up but yet there was that longing, that feeling or as I said, that realisation that there’s nothing.

You know preachers makes statements like can a woman conceive and be ignorant of it…NO…times and season will tell.

It makes no sense to say ALL IS WELL, when its not. And the danger especially to people like me who have the knowledge of the message. I mean the ‘expected’ way of doing things, or of living: we tend to relax in Goshen when there’s a Pharaoh who doesn’t know Joseph.

The prophet says:
God said in another place over in Ezekiel, He said, “I will in that day, take out your old fleshly, stony heart. And I’ll give you a new spirit, and I’ll put a—My Spirit in you.”

Now, a lot of people, even you Pentecostal people, lot of times get mistaken in that. You get a new spirit; that’s not God’s Spirit; that’s you. That isn’t God. You get a little happy, because you got a new spirit and you jump up-and-down, run around over the floor, maybe, and shout a little bit, and speak with tongues, and run around a little bit and think you got the Holy Ghost. That’s not it. That’s a new spirit, God gave you. That’s you. Then after He give you your spirit, then He said, “I’ll put My Spirit…”

That’s what’s the matter with the miss-meal cramps you got today. That’s right. That’s the reason you can’t get nowhere with God.

60 Notice, you put a new spirit. God has to give you a new spirit, or you couldn’t even get along with Him. You can’t get along with yourself, that old devil spirit you had in you. So He’s got to put a new spirit in you so you can get along with His Spirit. Amen.
“I will put a new spirit in them. And I will put My Spirit in them,” He said, after He’s give you a new spirit; that’s you. Don’t get it confused with God’s Spirit; it’s not. It’s your new spirit, so you can get along with the Holy Spirit, if He ever gives it to you. Amen. Cause you in your condition never get along. You can’t get along with your wife. You can’t get along with your husband, can’t get along with your neighbor. How are you ever going to get along with God? So He has to give you a new spirit, ’fore you can get along with Him.
So He puts a new spirit in you, and then He puts His Spirit in you, gives you a new spirit, a new outlook, a new faith, then He puts His Holy Spirit in you.
56-0121 – The Inter-Veil

So being nice, gentleman, smiling, songleading, preaching, dancing, jumping, shouting Amen that are heard by all the church is nothing.



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