After having my conscience shaken, our intellect probed, knowledge sieved all I could tell was there was a treat to come. Frankly from the first service you could tell that ‘some plans’ were not gonna be successful.

Coming to Watershed, I had a bit of knowledge on relationships. I also had assumed understanding of the psychological and mental spheres of such. BUT definitely I wasn’t read for what I was to hear.

Gone are the days were youth meetings were just about, should I date, should I not. Should I hold hands and should I not, hug or no hug. The tenants of such were binary as what we denied and resolved is actually we would do just as the youth meeting ends.

Then it was even more of a meeting ground, where you can get to see her/him in the comfort of everyone. No suspicions no nothing. But the problem with binary discussions was and is they just addressed the Yes & No. They were like those linear questions on ‘multiple choice’ of whether RAIN falls to the ground TRUE OR FALSE.

They don’t show you the process of evaporation, condensation, gravity precipitation, runoff and seepage.šŸ˜Š. Even leeching and erosion.

Ok, why am I saying that nonsense and not get to the point. Well the reason is, I am trying not to think in binary terms.

Being a Br Samson is easy and hard. You know reading how he was so determined to marry a Philistine at the peril of the Daughters of Zion sounds sacrilege. Why, we put it far away from us, we do not relate to it, but Br Diyoka made sure that we see that we are repeating the same mistake. ALL POWER TO GOD, BUT HEART TO DELILAH. Well I hear someone saying MINE is not a Delilah, but is actually a sister…OUCH that hurts..(Owpain). Well yah! She is actually a sister, but friends let’s ask ourselves.

For the past days, weeks, months, years that you have been operating a SUBMARINE RELATIONSHIP which steps have you taken towards HOLY MATRIMONY. OK HOLY might be problematic, just MATRIMONY only. With that red hot blood within your full able bodies churning out vibrations and signals that you rarely think from your head. Well it was just a hug, yah nothing much…OH and there was actually no sensation, hmmmm. Why don’t you give her that hug under the famous JACARANDA’s after service. Hanti ahina basa kkkkkkkk. Kuseka nhamo kunge rugare.

But friends we are living in an EVIL and ADULTEROUS AGE. I believe, stealing, murder, back bitting is EVIL, so is ADULTERY AND FORNICATION. BUT GOD of all the evils SINGLE HANDEDLY picked ADULTERY and placed it along bracket EVIL.

We are crying foul, why courtship are breaking, why is there so rampant cheating, players, womanisers, fights for brothers, sisters hunting other sisters wanting to beat them for snatching their target..Wow, am I over exaggerating? Definitely, NO. I’m talking reality.

Such social ills and deficiency have become part of us, and what saddens we put up that ‘shamefacedness and sobriety’ whilst our long skirts and tuxedos have been on our bodies long enough as they have been off.

Guys cry out loud heeee I want virgin heee I want this that, but sit him down and ask how many have you deflowered he cowers like a cat found stealing fish. They want things they can’t provide.


THAT MAN took the Gospel hammer and hit the nail-head straight down and clenched it. Right on top, just like that! BOOM, today I want to talk about…



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