Sexuality aside, and all the bamboozlement of strongs realistic terms, allegories and the crudeness of the rude awakening. Watershed wasn’t just about that.

Watershed, was as is, a place where waters of life would spread forth in the renewed strength of the youth. Just like a rejuvenated river, that was once cut off. Watershed, is as is, a TURNING POINT to some considering how we make decisions.

How, there is one man, who just appetized my faculties to the complex machinations of decision making. What makes Pst Madibas 10:10:10 approach unique, is its complex simplicity in which it demystifies the intricacies associated with data emulation, analysis; emotional check up and codification; natural and sensual gratification together with spiritual upliftment. (DONT MIND THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLINGS). What I mean though, is he made the decision making process, so simple that, even I a ‘Johnny-Came_Late_To_Town’ could pick it up.

The 10:10:10 works, as I understood, a barometer to gauge yo expectations in each every decision you make. If I decide to Date (I don’t know why I always pick such an example). Ok, an example.

If I decide to Talk to date a girl today. How will it make me feel in the next 10 days? Well, A macho man, maybe, that I’ve got a ‘bae’. In 10 weeks? I would probably be regretting why I did it without following all neccesary procedures. In 10 months? I would be brushing away rumors linked to that story, and getting used to be called a flirt, and probably regretting another/other failed dates. In 10years, will be married and feeling sorry for myself for being such a person.

Basically,clumsily that’s it. Let us not be myopic as to let the immediate pleasure and enjoyment blind our long range vision. Let not our decisions be guided by the immediate ‘positives’ which will be absent in the future.

It’s easy, to fall into a trap, like getting married cause everyone of yo friend is married. Like dating the popular guy coz every other girl wants him. Like trusting an innocent person, who in life will turn to be yo thorn in the flesh.

I know of a girl, 5 years ago became, friends or is it AKWINTED with a young boy. 5 years they don’t see eye to eye. Had they both known that they would fall out, they wouldn’t have greeted at the first time. The boy took a wrong decision. She just got happy to the thought that he now had a pen-friend. SHe didn’t know that, there are emotions like jealousy, suspense, greed, carefreeness, etc. Now when she looks back, coz of the trouble she’s been through, she just wishes she hadn’t known him. Cause of so much love for the fellow young girls, whom she deems might fall victim to the young boy, SHE makes sure the whole world really get to know how she rejected his proposal. Had she known of the 10:10:10 approach, she definitely wouldn’t have greeted him.

But the prophet taught us, as I close, that before you decide, go before God with no sides. Present the case to God, He will direct thee. Make sure you come off yo knees will GODS WILL. Don’t be presumptuous, don’t be presumptuous, don’t be presumptuous.

As I said, in closing now…Decisions are not made to please other people, or to follow somebody’s dictates. Decisions are made as per Gods will, and timing. If you make a decision be whatever it is, socially, business, spiritual, just be sure, its GODS will and its not any other.

Trial and Error, doesn’t work in lifes situations. You either have PERFECT will or nothing. But we are humans, we’ve made mistakes, and some we living in regret already. But its no end of the road. All I know is we will make it, though scars and heartache will be there as long as we are in these 16elements.

My last point before I conclude 😛 is that the way I approach life today is different from yesterday. Yesterday I was grabbing everything by the horn, having an open_door_hands_heart policy, but THEN I WENT TO WATERSHED…I guess some people ought to be SHUT IN WITH GOD


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