When u started to write these little reflections on Watershed, I didn’t envision myself needing to scribble 5parts. Frankly I just thought of enjoying myself, but here we are. All things must come to an end. Except GODS WORD. Therefore on this last segment, I will wrap up and close the chapter.

The change I was looking for, the desire I heard, was not granted from Friday unto Sunday. That’s the honest truth. Actually, the day I can really point back to as a turning point, or light in the tunnel, either breakthrough is not Friday unto Sunday.

I’m proud and happy for those who got delivered. I saw people receiving the Holy Ghost, I saw people being healed, heard testimonies. I witnessed the great outpouring of the Holy Ghost as Br Diyoka preached TOTAL DELIVERANCE. I’M a witness to the showers of blessings as the PROPHET ushered us into prayer after preaching, A PRISONER. I’m a witness to all that. I felt the atmosphere, I actualy swam in it too, enjoyed it, shouted and agonized in it. BUT that wasn’t it.

I was there on the altar, not looking for a sensation, nor fantastic, neither to shed a tear, but to get the real deal. I was lost in a world of complete yielding to the Supernatural forces, transcending from Above, taken beyond the shoutings of all. BUT within minutes I was back in the shouting, the crying the everything, YET twasnt for me.

This was the end of the meetings, and apparently I was just but the same me. I didn’t feel, the tingle, the rush, twas SILENCE. I knew and felt that it wasn’t over for me, maybe for others, but definitely not me.

Would I face the world again, just like that. Definitely NO. I needed a REAL TOUCH, but we were already singing dismissal songs, and retiring for rest.


Monday 2 May 2016 was packing day. No services, apart from early morning devotion, and I for a fact, felt I had missed it…deep inside I still prayed, Lord its not over, just help me.

Whereas others after packing and breakfast, were just loitering around…something just said within me go and see your Colleagues, Jonah and Mode.

That was the gamechanger! All I remember is as I entered their room, I said, guys…. “LETS DO IT THE WAY WE DID IT AT MSU…”

TODAY I’m not Ashamed to say THAT DAY Monday 2 May 2016 around 7-8am I realized and GOD fulfiled my desire of going to Watershed.

When I look back, and say then I WENT TO WATERSHED, its the leaving day that means the more to me than anything. All the preachings, singing, testimonies, were blocks building my faith, and by GODS grace I’m never the same.

All I can say is. I’m not what I want to be, for I can be better, but I’m definitely SURE OF ONE THING. I’M NOT WHO I WAS BEFORE 2 MAY.


God bless you all, for the likes, comments, and taking part in reading these little reflections on my trip. I know there are many out there, with bomb testimonies, but this is my little block to the building of God.

Keep me in your prayers. Love you All…


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