One danger facing most young Christians is false consciousness and false righteousness. The devil is so good at showing you how bad others are becoming.

Meanwhile he allows you just to think about it. Did the prophet really mean that, or in actual fact what does it mean.

One great lesson I’m learning is that whatever he meant, is what HE allowed him to say, and its only a matter of believing it as it is written &/or spoken.

Looking at myself, twas easy to passify my own conscience that I’m doing fine and better than Br X or Br Y.

Talk of the dating issues, I would not wanna go into the depths of it, but I realised that the moment one becomes more liberal the more trouble he gets in.

My fellow bro in Canada resorted to say: “I’m a little old fashioned myself, and catch phrases like ‘we’re just talking’ or ‘we’re really good friends’ or ‘we’re just getting to know each other right now’ don’t help my growing annoyance. In my mind, the point of dating is all three of these things.” Believe you me I now see how true it is.

Truth be told with the advent of technology, Whatsapp, Viber, F.B, its easy to have as many partners whilst,…,well, we just fellowshipping and getting to know each other.

Truth be told, not to be proud nor boastful, but have been there, done that and its a shame, how one can just wake up single but by end of day have 3 ‘girlfriends’ by end of day…’WORLDWIDE’. Let’s leave it.

But going to Watershed, I was determined to come up a better boy…not like the ‘I was a bad boy now I’m a good boy’.No, no, not that kind of a conversion.

I wanted reality, I longed for the REAL DEAL, this was my opportunity, not to perform…Yaaa, as young ministers it should be known that we are worshipers and not performers.

I wouldn’t dare stand before Gods Elect and perform in the name of songleading. The resolve I had, was if Watershed fails then I quit.

Come on, what’s the use of being known as the eversmiling songleader whilst within there’s nothing that can identify with the WORD being sung.

Such was my desperation, that even on the first service, God was already dealing with me.

Br Alistair Francis brought a chilling message. One which as techno-savvy generation was able to identify with. Simple complicated questions were being asked, like: WHERE WILL your faith stand when they disprove that the cloud was a SUPERNATURAL EVENT. WHAT’S YOUR STAND when the whole world tells you that BRANHAM is not Malachi 4, and they prove he’s a false prophet.

You might say God forbid, but they have already done it. They didn’t start on WMB. They started on Christ. Check European history, Kings in France, Austria and Hungary claim they are Children of Jesus by Mary Magadalene.

Historians have shredded the Bible and proved that its not factual and have denied the Deity of Jesus Christ. So undressing WMB is no big deal to them.

That time is coming, its upon us and will get worse when we are just being called to believe on things that science of the future would have proved as false. When the Spoken Word won’t be as available as today, then what’s needed is that which is within.

I then realized that I didn’t need mental knowledge, cause after all I don’t even know what WMB said about the Seals, late alone the Thunders, or Even what it takes to have Perfect Faith for Rapture. But I have the books, my phone, Laptop, got the Table. Yet they will rise as already did like the Ivorian with quotes upon quotes either proving their doctrine or that WMB was a false prophet.

Then I realised that I needed no knowledge just to make a JW’s or SDA humble like a dog with its tail between its legs. That’s just being able to read and to argue anybody that studies anything can do that.

I realized that I was NEEDING that QUICKENING POWER, to transform that knowledge from up the mind down into my heart. I lacked the key ingredient in Christianity: FAITH.

But how could I have faith, when I cant listen to the WORD. For Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the WORD OF GOD. BUT regardless of having the SW books everywhere I am, I struggled to finish at least one book per day let alone per week.

Well, I would have read the Daily Bread Kkkkkk or have taken part in the group discussions…kkkk…I guess they are lame excuses, BUT how we love to use them as consolation after a day spent without anything done that profiteth the SOUL.



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