If I’m to be frank, One of the best ever lecture I had on human pleasuntries and procreation act was when I went to WATERSHED.

ALLOW ME TO PUT ON GLOVES, BUT frankly Br Alistair had no gloves, twas hard-knuckle to cheek hitting. Like I alluded above, or in the previous post, he took the bull by the horns and that’s when I saw that we were a flowery garden but underground we housed snails, earthworms, maggots, even dead human beings.

Instead of beating about the bush, I will allow my friend to give you the record.


Sex can be addictive and usually when it like so you lose attraction to the Word of God, you will not even read a Message Book, you will no longer be able to pray effectively, you will no longer be able to seat in church and get the maximum out of it because you are an addict!

If you are controlled by Sex there is a problem. When you are controlling it its better! If it becomes an addiction it leads to things that are too hard to come back from!
If you are a boy in the Message and has already had Sex you begin to flirt excessively, to get mote with all the girls around because you suddenly become more confident than others! The other boys are still finding their way and you are the leader of them all!

I can see it when a couple of you walk in here and I can tell which one is the leader! Which one of you admires the leader! Which one of you is second in charge! I can tell!!! And you can see the leader Will walk in church first, chest out. The one who is admiring the leader is the last man walking!
You have no idea how this thing controls you and how it changes your personality! And don’t think we as Ministers are not aware of these things! We read you like a book!

He said when he discovered how dangerous Sex is and how crucial it is in marriage and how it recks marriages he was determined to study it and put it under his feet.

What happens after excessive flirting is you get to be promiscuous, that means one person doesn’t satisfy you and you get other people!
You are going to be involved in Masturbation and Sisters do it too!

At 21 I didn’t know there was such a thing as Lesbianism! I didn’t know women had no brains to do that!
We preachers are always in the Word everyday studying and waiting upon God for the spiritual food in due season! But for the things we saw accidentally that’s obscene I can’t even get the picture off my mind! How much more you youths who are not in the Word everyday!

I am such a powerful person in my mind to self control myself with so many things but I can’t get that picture off my mind! And you are going to Colleges and Universities etc where women are flirting with you!
If you work in any Engineering Faculty those man are violent beasts, they sent you emails, it’s on your system. Back there it was so difficult but now companies are trying to get rid of it and control it but somehow they always find a way! I could see my Boss and supervisors having pornography in their system and the moment we step in they switch it off and they would send emails amongst themselves.

When you are controlled by Sex you get trapped by things that goes with it! When you are controlled by sexuality you will interpret everything in a sexual way. Even today it’s annoying cause you can’t even have a conversation with the people in the World! Anything that sounds like Sex or some private part, they laugh and you wonder what’s so funny.

Sexuality causes you to lose attraction to the Word Of God. The excitement of doing something wrong is far more exciting than doing something Right! There is something about humans. Invading someone’s personal space is very exciting because as creatures we keep everyone at a certain distance and if people are too close to you, you fold your arms. Have you ever seen people in a lift and they don’t know what to do, they look up and down and sideways because their space has been invaded!

When you come to that point where your clothes are off and you have broken someone’s space. It is so exciting. Sex can be best described as loosing all control and surrendering to someone else. If you are someone who wants to Be in control always you won’t enjoy Sex. You have to submit to the other person. You have to be able to please. If it’s the other way it’s rape.

Sex is not pleasurable when you don’t fully surrender and lose control. When you are unable to let go of your complexes like I’m too fat, too dark, he’s not gonna like me or she’s not gonna like me! You have to get rid of these things. When you’re unable to do that you will not enjoy!

Trying to obtain control using Sex is called sexual abuse I.e rape, molestation. The people who do that are weak in their spirits and have been molested themselves. To gain control of their spirits they are gonna do it on other children.

Newsflash, these things are happening in the Message. Babysitters left with kids and parents are away!
Many of you right here in this audience have been molested and haven’t got over it. And it’s easy to tell from your behavior.

When people are together they move to one side, they don’t want to get involved, they don’t want to asleep conversations. They have been broken and nobody is reaching out to them! Nobody understands what has happened to them.

Many sisters have gone into marriage without having been able to tell their husbands that they were molested by a brother in the Message, an uncle, a Pastor. Some have been sodomized by people in the church and have grown to develop homosexuality feelings and not know it was because of what happened to them when they were seven years old. These are real things if you do not have the Word in you, you cannot deal with the demons as the church of tomorrow!

Pastors who turns a blind eye and say don’t worry just say Hallelujah, and walk on and not deal with these situations. You are gonna end up with youths getting into marriage and later on tell the wife I actually never had feelings for you I’m homosexual.

Abusers feel using Sex as a tool will make them feel good having had been abused themselves.

Am giving advice here and you husbands of tomorrow when you get into marriage it’s not about pleasure for you, you should understand your wife. You have to submit to her too. Otherwise your wife is gonna be so furastrated with you and every night she will tell you that she has a headache.

You may have revelations, be a preacher but if you do not have Sex you are gonna be frustrated, angry and treat the church wrong, snapy at work. Watch when you come to work happy people can tell he got some yesterday. Man are that simple minded!

The problem with Sex is it never leaves you fully satisfied Coz when you leave that time you believe the next time will be better which means it works like a drug. It’s Biologically a drug! It’s a satisfaction only for a moment. It’s controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain.

Being a mammal you are a hunter and all animals that are hunters have eyes facing forward! All hunted have eyes facing sideways. Hence being a hunter you are always looking for a mate. It doesn’t matter if you are a Message Believer and have the revealed Word. You are still Mammal. It’s in your body as a man to want to bring forth children, it’s instant.

For a woman it’s natural to want to find someone through which you can produce children. And that nature is driving you without you even thinking about it. Without thinking you dress to impress. With brothers it’s hilarious! When you are a teenager you will be doing flips on the loan and climbing trees and that’s your way of attracting females. Jumping off the roof and think I am the man!

As you grow older and begins to know how to deal with girls you become and expert. You know how to change your voice, how to out perfume, you can change into a gentle person when you see her.

Let’s not behave like the mysteries puts us out of these things. It’s happening to every animal. I guarantee you its the number one church problem we have. Humans are the only Mammals that can say no to sex and they are the only who wants it for pleasure without procreation.

(That’s just a bit, but by Gods planning you are likely not to find it on tape, but there are people who have the sermon on phones. I hear of one in Kadoma, some in Harare etc. Please if you have the recording of the sermon, I AM LOOKING FOR ONE).


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