By TapMak

It is not the women only that a getting hotter! Even mother earth has not been outdone, by the slizziness of today’s fashion.

However, Mother Earth becoming hotter is no drooling issue for the young lads. This means disaster, not pleasure. If records of the 1st Six months of 2016 are to be taken seriously. The earth is getting warmer and hotter with each passsing year, if records from the past decade are to be considered.

According to NASA and  UN IPCC, 2015 was the “hottest year on record”.

The Nairobi-based United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) “No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change as Africa. Africa’s human existence and development is under threat from the adverse impacts of climate change – its population, ecosystems and unique biodiversity will all be the major victims of global climate change.”

Someone might ask, why am i bringing such statistics when we are already past the first half of 2016? Well, I just wish to remind you; that is if you were aware of it, in the first place? Seems you were not aware, about, and it does not concern you, does it? Actually it does.

The increase of the earth’s atmospheric temperature over a period of time, better known as global warming, is in actual fact an ongoing phenomena. You might have come across the term “Climate Change”, definitely, if you passed through Zimbabwe O’Level geography.

Now, Climate Change is a result of global warming, not the other way round. The earth is surrounded by a thin layer of “ozone”, also in its atmosphere are gases including Carbon dioxide. You remember that from “photosynthesis”, exactly. However it is not the only gas present in our atmosphere.

In this post, I will try to uses layman understanding and explantion on the issue of Global warming and climate change and how it works. Here we go.

The Sun sends its rays to warm the earth, some are reflected back to space as Infra-red, but due to the presents of “bad gases”called “GREENHOUSE GASES” Some, if not most of the heat is traped in the Earths’atmosphere.

The process itself is called the “greenhouse effect”, imagine that which is used to grow flowers or tomatoes under poly-tents, its almost the same. That means more heat is trapped in the earth and has nowhere to escape.

Now the “bad gasses” just didn’t appear from “thin air”. That is were you and me also play part. Our cars emit carbon dioxide, so does every other car, then we have big indusstries, especially in the ‘developed world’that belch humongous amounts of such gasses, and its cousins and relations. The gang up agaisnt the Suns’rays visit and forces it to stay longer than it had planned, which well by nature, sun is hot. So the longer you hold her rays and influence the longer it takes to cool down.

I am made to understand that Long ago, the equation was usually counter balanced by the presence of large and lash forest from the Congo to the Amazon and Siberia. Remember photosynthesis again. My teacher once made us to repeat “man breathe out carbon dioxide, and breathe in oxygen. Plants breathe out oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide”. Clap hands for him!! I would be so proud. Yes, plants acts as natural regulators and arbosobers, but the concern is ZESA ikunetsa, “electricity is scarce”, so we have to cut down trees for fire.

That is when you hear of words like “massive deforestation”, this means the natural regulators are depleting rapidly. In todays language you might say they are not being “updated”. We all know when you do not update your WhatsApp, it will be outdated or some applications expires, and other systems are compromised by malicious softwares. That is almost the same that happens to the earth, as carbon dioxide arbsorbers, which are primarily forests,  more CO2 just “loiter around” in the atmosphere.

The change in temperetaures leads to the change in climate. Seasons become more unpredicted, storms and cyclones become stronger. Global warming leads to wet areas becoming more wetter, and hot areas becoming more hotter.

Zimbabwe is south of the Sahara, a region considered “savanah grasslands”, but it is near to the “arid”, that is hot and dry than it is to the “tropical”: hot and wet.

So whenever you sing along summertime, remember one day it will be a very loooooong summer, and hotter that taking off clothes will not help. I am not being alarmist, I am just stating fact.


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