Dimensional Wars: Where are you hearing from?


When I started on this little thought of fighting pornography and
other sexual addictions, I didn’t think I would right a third
installment. But, well here I am again. I’m no expert, psychologist,
pastor, but just a member of the laity. What I suggest here, is my
personal opinion and understanding.

You might agree or disagree. However, if you agree, and have questions, please always seek advice from YOUR SHEPHERDS. These posts are not substitute to the advice
neither do they supercede anything.

Devil by THE WORD. If HE trusted it, I believe we also should hold to
that same 2 edged sword.

That being said, let us now touch on the above mentioned topic. Yes, I
realized that the battle is not carnal. You have to understand that
when dealing with such addictions, you are fighting a battle against
spirits, principalities, and powers of darkness.

According to Matthew:18:10 _Take heed that ye despise not one of these
little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always
behold the face of my Father which is in heaven._  These
representations are the Theophany’s which People bypassed and were put
on earth to be tempted, tried and proven and then be reunited when
Christ comes back. That’s a mouthful, but to those in my circles, they
understand what I mean.

Now every human being has a theophany; a spiritual representation
which is habitating in a certain dimension. Yes I said EVERY HUMAN
BEING, just wait a bit, and let’s see if we do not get somewhere.

Now that Spiritual being has influence on this our body, and it
affects our behaviors, attitude, character etc. Having said that I
guess its becoming clearer. Our attitude and character is influenced
from ‘outer space’ kkkkkkk. Yes, from a dimension that we can’t
contact with our 5 natural senses.

Actually there are 7 dimensions. We live in the first 3, which are
Matter, Light & Time. Science is the 4th, Hell the 5th, Heaven the 6th
and Gods Throne in the 7th. This I’ve understood by the Books of
William Branham.

An example that is usually used is that of the 4th dimension. You are
using, WiFi, or Cellular Data, to read this article. But you can’t see
a stream of waves connecting to your phone, yet your phone or computer
is configured or designed to receive and communicate in that dimension
of science. Then the atmosphere around us has many “networks” but your
phone ought to have a certain line, which connects it to that cellular
network, or if using WiFi you ought to have a special router to access
a certains providers’ network. Glory!!

That’s the same as human beings. In us there’s a configuration that
makes us yearn for certain things. I hope It becomes clearer, because
there is 2 broadcaster, that’s God, and Satan. It now depends, were is
your theophany is seated: whose face is it beholding. For what is
sees, is what it tells you.

Can’t you hear your theophany calling you! That is why a person who
is about to die, sees things that others don’t. Where his
representations was, is where he sees himself going. I don’t know why
God made it thus, that at death our theophanies gets closer. Sinner or
Saint, that body, which is your representation influences you. It
draws nigh, it whispers to you the things it is seeing.

To answer for the sinners, the souls that were in prison where
theophanies of those people, as seen 40 years before a natural
encounter. Refer to Souls that are in Prison, hell experience.

Explaining event when Christ was buried, The Prophet said;
Here His body was in the grave, and His soul was in hell, preaching,
alive. What about that? He was in His Theophany again. His soul was
down there with those people that were in theophany also, and was
witnessing to them that they repented not in the long-suffering.
57-1002 –  Questions And Answers On Hebrews #2

There’s your answer, so the young girl who was all painted up, moaning
etc, twas her theophany seen in hell. The time she was born, that
representation influenced her in het conduct in America, but her
destination had been known already.

I hope you didn’t forget about our title. There’s the dimensional war.
Are you being influenced from the 6th dimension or from the 5th
dimension. Where are you hearing from, when you start on the little
habit. Where do you think your representation is?

Be your own judge. It’s dimensional wars. Is the power of the 4th
dimension drawing you closer to the 5th dimension. The above statement
just means, is science and technology drawing you closer to hell. Or
its catapulting you nearer to the 6th dimension.

I know of a fact, that If we concentrate on the first 3 dimensions we
can get closer to the 6th dimension. Reason being, we pray, not in the
4th dimension, but in the first 3, and we are given wings to pass
through and straight into the 7th dimension, right before God and HE
speaks back.

What you eat, spiritualy speaking, can give you a hint on what is
influencing you. I pray it be the one in the 6th dimension.

God bless you.

Now, there was some part of me, Orman Neville, and the rest of you
all here, that’s in Christ Jesus before the world ever began. And
here’s to my analysis of that. I think that the people today that are
possessed with this Spirit, or the spirit, a part of these angelic
beings, spirits which rotated off of God, that never fell in the
beginning and resisted the devil’s lie in heaven…
53-0729 –  Questions And Answers On Genesis
Rev. William Marrion Branham

And two thirds of the earth is in sin, and more than that, which two
thirds of the angels was kicked out. And those demon spirits come into
people and habitate their body. See what I mean? They’re demons that
once… They was once existed and they come into the people and give
them a nature.
53-0729 –  Questions And Answers On Genesis
Rev. William Marrion Branham


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