Sexting: Just advanced flirting?

sextingBy TapMak

One of the weirdiest things is coming across a topic, which you probabbly do not even know about, only to realise that it is addressing some situations of your life. Yah! Exactly, I know. But that is what happened when I came across the term “sexting”. Ii heard it way back when I was in college and met it for some time. It is only recently, like couple days ago that A question was asked about Cyber-Sex. That is another issue on its own. I looked up a few articles and realised that, well, probably what can be relevant to youths like me, might not be “cyber-sex” but “sexting”.

By definition the “sexting”is the act of sending sexually explicity text messages and/or photographs between cellphones. I do not know why this definition did not include voice messages and videos. But for the sake of progress, I will try and include them, especially “voice notes” on WhatsApp amongst other social media apps.

From the defintion it is clear that sexting is wrong. 1) It survives on thinking dirty, in essence you are openly lusting its just that you will be using another medium which is not talking directly to the person. 2) It is a felon, or against the law (in some countries).

Sometime ago I read somewhere it said “Everything you do imagine doing it in Jesus Christ Name”. If you can’t do it whilst honoring His Name, then that means that which you are doing is wrong. So sexting is wrong! It is not another level of flirting, even if you argue that it is. Flirting on itself is WRONG, though we do it a lot, alomst every day.

In some instalment, when we discussed about pornography, we dwelt on the issue of fantasies. How that it all about mind games. The Prophet told us that God chose the heart of man, and the devil chose the mind of man. It is in the mind that the greatest battle is ever fought. I guess most of the things that we do we have to argue out something before we actually do it. One strong statement made by William Branham was “If there is a question to what you want to do it is better not to do it at all.”

HOWEVER, a friend of mine posed to me a question which actually made me to look into this little issue. He said: Picture a “courtship”, it is 2 people planning to get married, are they allowed to share their feelings through cyber-sex, oral, sexting? And how best do people in courtships express their love?

Those are hard questions especially for someone like me who has NEVER been in COURTSHIP, I beeter get help from my friends who are current in such relationships. My 2c piece of thought would and is WHATEVER FORM OF SEXUALLY STIMULATING ACT IS WRONG. I’ve got reasons why I say so. Cybersex and sexting is in essence desiring something which is sinful (fornication). Remember the issue of Matthew5:27-28). The act of sexting is equally impure and  immoral. It is neither noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy if we are to consider Philippians4:8 which says: “Finally, brothers, whatever is TRUE, whatever is NOBLE, whatever is RIGHT, whatever is PURE, whatever is LOVELY, whatever is ADMIRABLE–if ANYTHING is EXCELLENT or PRAISEWORTHY–THINK about such things.

In some countries like USA, sexting is a criminal offence which could land you a jail term and a lifelong tag of “child sexual offender” if  I an not mistaken. When you send nudes to your partner if they land in the wrong hands, you can be sued for making “child pornography”. You better watch what yo are doing even before we talk of how it affects you spiritually.

BY THE WAY STATISTICS HAVE IT THAT ABOUT 90% OF man who receive pictures from their girlfriends or partners, FORWARD THEM to their peers. I thought twas for your man only.



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