To be or not to be is a choice. Right or wrong is a choice. Mistake or pre-meditated all are choices. Regardless of how much you may try to blame somebody, something, circumstances, situations or pressure, it boils down to a choice.

Sure it is irrelevant neither is it a common field, but when I do have a blocker on my chest I can only write about it.

If it was my lawyer friend she would pen a classic poem or prose so pregnant of dark meaning but yet its a way of steaming out all the inbuilt pressures.

My singer friend would definitely sing along a certain track, not that he likes it, but is trying to fnd a way of letting out.

Up north across the English channel no words need describe, for the seasonal coldness is thawed by the warm teary eyes in those melodramatic long calls.

The Procurement guru can only bury her heard in the invoices of the day whilst watching the traffic trickle away along Chancellor Avenue.

The Auditor, nolonger worried or bothered will broaden her horizon whilst conquering in her quest to leave no stone unturned.

The Chessplayer will study more variations as the war rages in the various tables across this Southern part of Africa.

Whilst the sun rises from the East only the financial legal adviser is able to proffer and offer tips on how the oriental world is strengthening its vice grip on the worldwide economy.

Whilst surrounded by the Mediterenean sea, the traveler will voyage through the unchanted topaz seas of the world in an expedition that will not only let the caterpillar die, but flatter the butterfly.

Along Muzenda, perched up above in some concrete bullwark, meditating, filing and smiling in the realizaton of the new destination…+ the blue automobile.

Woody, or rather planky, it stands as a beacon to an achievement by one who never once to marry cause he believes he won’t be given the hand of the damsel he likes. shhhh cause of church politics.

Elegantly, suave striking white, bold it rolls so does the occupant, though riddled by fears of the unkown.

All these characters have one thing in common.



PS: AM surprised you read through to this part. You are special… cause its a boring piece.


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