via Daily Prompt: Resist

RESIST! It seems to be most of America is RESIST mode. Just take a look at twitter the #tags speak a lot of resist-ing activities. #NotMyPresident, #President… #This #That #theOther. All are just forms of resistance.

The marches that plagued American cities, with citizens eercising their “right to demonstrate”are just forms of resistance. A move to counter the actions or effects of Trump rise to power.

But it is not in America. Resistance can be done in any form, in various spheres from social, spirituality, economic et.

The good book has one of the best advice and it says “RESIST the devil and he will flee away from you.” It is however remain to be seen and practised by individuals in whatever form whatsoever.

Women RESIST advances from man every day, so does other men, from women.

The reason you are probably reading this is because you failed to resist the pull of the story title.

However yesternight you resisted that one drink beer which could make things more tipsy.

SO for a just cause, just continue resist. RESIST.

RESIST Violence, racism, all kinds of evil.




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