Clean?!- Come out clean!

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So he looked at me sternly without wincing. I could not stand the look. He seemed to be reading my mind, it was excruciating. I tell you.

He seemed to see the chemical processes in the brain send out messages through the neurons that determine the mental processes along with thinking. The glia that interact with the neurons and hormones chemically in the production of thought were also exposed: at least that what i felt.

“Tapiwa”, he called me out of imaginaland.

“Yes, – uh, uh – I am -clean”, I stuttered.

That proved to be the last straw, to be broken. Just like an avalanche that waited just the slight movement of its balanced,  his anger just tipped over, engulfing everything in white smoke.

Holy indigination you might call it.

“Clean?!”, he belowed. “You have to come out clean actually

“You can’t be involved in every other dealings that have been happening here, and you claim to be clean. That is not acceptable neither is it credible but rather superfluous lying”.

Just then my mind started really working. He could not believe me, neither will any member of the board believe me.

But what was really my fault. My fellows had seen a loophole in the system and “utilised” it, as they would say. Their dealings involved 3 children of the Board members.

I had tried my best to execute my job to the description: pick the teenage girls from the various affluent schools and drive them back to their respective homes. That I did with Pride and prontoness.

My other fellows, well…

I was clean, yet the board could not cleanse me, and I lost my driving Job.


Whilst on their run they would pirate to get pocket money, and they were reported… Yaa not what you thought.


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