Yours Lovingly, TapMak (Snr)

Hope by the time you read this letter you have already made up your mind  on what you want to be in life. Therefore I am not here to convince you, but share with you what I experienced, when I was your age.

TapMak, (Jnr) now that you are about to start A level, after the 5 months internship which was introduced by Dokora, years ago, I implore thee to be level headed.

Do not take bets on girls, neither try to prove a thing to people, this will make you lose focus on things that are important at this stage of life. Focus on your books, and do not leave GOD aside.

My Son, when you are told to unlearn things you might have learnt, please do so, it will help you appreciate others better, and help you learn new things better. Be prepared to unlearn unneccesary things. This will aid your mental capacity development.

Since you have followed my footsteps into helping the ministry, do not take away your eyes from the cross. Do not be a know-it-all, neither do I encourage you to be a jack-of-all-trades.

DO not be all over the place, you will hinder the growth of others. Instead try to focus on one thing at a time, if you cannot, 2 should be most.

Did I mention girls, oh I did, let me re-mention. Since you are “gifted and active” you might feel that you can get any you want. DON’T BELIEVE THAT. It’s a lie of the DEVIL.

Some will throw themselves to you, some as you will realise, YOU will be attracted to them, probably make moves, BUT..SON.. eer.. Do not take that route.

You risk your spiritual life,emotional as well as social. You can easily become a serial dater, a loose guy. The sad thing is, this can happen whilst you are ignorant about it. YEAH! I’m serious.

You will be the last person to know that you are in trouble, as those around you, might think you have it in control…as you think you have it all under ccontrol.

I ENCOURAGE YOU to love your mother. She has been there for you all along. Do not despise her “ignorance” neither mock her simplicity.

Respect elders, from all fronts of your life, either church, home, rural. If you cannot respect the person try respect the Office they have.

I can go, and go but I have to sign off, at least for now.

I Love you so much, Just do not repeat the same mistakes I made, let them be your stepping stones, referal points along your journey.

If you need more, I am in the room next door to your bedroom.


Yours Lovingly

TapMak (Snr)

Article inspired by : Daily Prompts: Lovingly


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