Criticism: Plotless conversation

A hush fell upon the auditorium. Everybody just stopped praying, the hum of of the troublesome public address system just ceased.

Children, all the whinning, fidgieting, whispers just hushed. It was a rich sacred silence.

Like a trickling stream, from up the balcony, came a sharp voice, loud and clear as everyone else was attentive.

Ï tried my best to make sense of the words, but then in the effort, i could not, because it was tongues. They went on for about a minute an then stopped.

I pressed my eyes hard no wanting to open them. Then a few seconds later, came the interpretation, and there was an uproar.

A surge of power fanned through the building, and everybody upon the summon of a Holy inuition, started prayer, praise, -oh, it was glorious, heavenly. Such saturation, annointing, teary eyes, screams, hollering, magnificent.

After the service I jined with my friends as we headed to our usual dining place. We had had a sumptuous spiritual meal, we wanted to refuel our mortal bodies.

“Did you see the person who spoke in tongues?”

“No, I didn’t. I was so much enthused that I did not bother to check”,  replied.

“Oh, ok. Let me keep my words.”

“What do you mean?”, I retorted.

“I was next to her. If only you could look at heer hair.. her nails, face.”

“So?” I injected.

“Bro, I doubt if it was … let me leave it.. but, well never judge a book by its cover.”

“But that is exactly what you are doing. Judging a book by its cover. Criticising the vessel. But nomatter what, I believe it was genuine.” I paused, then picked up a couple of chips, with my fingers. Licking the sauce that was left on them.

“Bro, we are on a public place, you licking your fingers! You such an embarassment, ah”.

“Sorry, but look the image says, Ït’s finger licking good. I’m just fulfilling their promise.”

He paused, a scrutinized me. Then he smiled. I thought the storm was over, then he shot.

“Ko kuzopfeka semudhara, you look like an old man. 3 button, 2slit grey or is it Khakhi jacket. With a brown trouser and shirt ye orange. You think ungadiwe pakadaro.”

I knew I was in for it. Grooming and matching was the last thing on my mind. I had to look for cover. I paused the I said.

“Sha-a-a, it doesn’t matter. actually it places me  well up the ladder as they can see kuti pane vacancy, nobody is dressing that dude, I mean brother. Though I am a nice dude.”

With that he exploded into laughter.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, I said. “Remember, that guy..akasimudza simbi…uhm, I mean he got a beautifull sister, aityiwa, and i dress even better than him.”

“My friend, that guy knew were to fish. Look at where you’re fishing nowadays.

“Sisters who know the line up yeArsenal, kutokukunda iwewe. My friend, you need to wake up.”

I knew what he meant, and I wass not going to let him get this.

“My friend, you are good at criticizing. That’s all you do. Look, you were on the tongues, you came to my clothes. Now you come to my friends..”

“Friends..those are not your friends, especially that other one who makes sure she has her forehead covered coz its the most outstanding feature. Kuzoti, dai isiri color…

“Stop that, I’ve had enough.. You such an insult to my faculties, don’t you dare insult the children of God. I even wonder why I call you friend. Huh. Forehead what, don’t you not like her singing. Ain’t your phone full of her songs.

“The one you saw talking about soccer, aren’t you the one who ..who..who, that day. She ddid not even ask you to, but you did. Now that your advances were read you try to demean her.

“Tell me, now that you were sent 2 suits from Dubai, you are a fashion guru. You now know how to wear, but when..ahi.

“Oh, God, why why why… You always negative, critisizing. You do not know what those people willl be passing through, how much they are trying, neither do you the stage of growth that they are at.

“Pedza machips ayo tiende…arhgh.. hatisiye chikafu mustoro… If you no loner wants it. Give me, twill be part of my supper.

“You must get married…

We went


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