But… What really is love?

By NashTee in C

Aaron Balick says,”Sameness is easy. It’s difference is the real challenge.Romance is captivating, but the monotony of busy lives can be deadening.

Harmony is mesmerising, but discord and conflict can feel destructive. Many think that love is always about being on the same page with our partners,feeling romantic and living in harmony.

Threats to these experiences can feel like obstacles that get in the way of love. But love is as much the obstacles as it is about bliss. Love is accepting difference,recovering from conflict and tolerating discord.

Fundamentally it is  a profound acceptance of the personhood of your lover, while dropping your need for them to be anything different.”
Brain science tells us that it is a drive of thirst ,a craving for another person

Ancient greeks called it the “madness of the gods”
Modern psychologists define it as the strong desire fo emotional union with another.

But what really is love?
People tend to think that it is all about romance, *NO* ,that aint entirely true. It is all about loving yourself first,how can you really expect to love and care for another when you can not give yourself just as much attention.

We need to understand that love is bigger than we can all imagine.You can invite love but never can you plan on how it is supposed to go and how it is to be expressed.

Love is unavoidably free,cannot be bought,sold or traded. It cannot be forced neither can it be prevented for anything whatsoever.

“Love speaks out for justice and protests when harm is done.”However it does not threten to withhold itself if it doesn’t get what it wants.

It honours the sovereignty of the soul and it is its own law.

Real love demands sacrifice that cannpt be found in self centeredness. You can give without loving but never can you love without giving.

Sacrificial love requires that we give that which we love the most.

Which is why we came from love.

From love, to love, by love


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