Of passion and career

By NashTee in C

A career is something that most people tend to take for granted. But its a pretty much difficult choice without having undergone a proper career guidance class.

A career is literally an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

It can also be defined as the progress and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially those related to the person’s occupation.

However for a career to really come out well it needs to be backed up by an ambition, which simply is the desire to achieve something or to succeed,accompanied by the motivation,determination,and an internal drive.

Ambition on itself may not really be the key to success,reason being successful,ambitious people will also need energy and goals in order to flawlessly succeed.

Someone with plenty of energy but no goals may find themselves pursuing one occupation after another without success,wondering what it really is they are wanting in life.

There also tend to be a confusion between a job and a career.

In real terms these two are not at all similar,a job is simply something people do just so they earn money,career advancement is not something they really are interested in there and the work is often not interesting to them at all.

A career however is a series of connected employment opportunities,where one builds up their skills at earlier employment opportunities to move them into higher paying and higher prestige employment opportunities later on.

In five years they are even planning to be doing exactly what they are doing right now, but with more income and more interesting problems to tackle.

Careers are there right but the main goal aint just task completion,it is to learn skills, gain experience, build connections, put oneself in position for promotions, raises and possibly similar positions in other companies.

That alone is a lot more than just getting the task done,it means actually putting one’s ear on the grindstone.

We should always aim on going an extra mile and doing tasks beyond our minimum job descriptions,building positive relationships with the people around us,so as to advance our careers.

Fight hard for your career until you get to the level of success that you want,that you always have dreamt of.

However that doesn’t mean alienating other pieces of your life, NO.

It means setting a professional goal,figuring out what you really have to do to get there and getting to work.

This thus means that a successful career is that one that aims at problem solving,reason being the problem one sees is literally the problem that one solves.

This is what makes the few successful people out there the problem solvers,because true success lies mostly in problem solving.

Focus more on what you are good at,what you love the most,for it is always ideal to “follow one’s passion.”

Think of your passion as a starting point,break it down into writing and editing.

Do a “skills inventory” so as to determine what else you ate likely to bring on the table.

That way you never will go wrong in choosing your dream career.


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