By NashTee in C

What is comfort really I wonder. Some people think of it as being at ease with no hardships whatsoever, that’s correct, because that’s from their own point of view. But I think I would rather take comfort as the place where I can be entirely happy, a place where not many would understand what kind of peace I get by just being there. No worries whatsoever, no hustles, just me enjoying the beauty of life, waking up to the call of nature, birds humming freely.

Birds, they are the creatures that really make me fantasize the most about comfort. Just come to think of it, having to live through each day as it comes by, not thinking about how you are going to survive. Not having to think of where you will get money for your up keep. Not worrying about having a bad hair day. Just getting to enjoy the flow of life. That’s what I call comfort.

I wonder now how someone would react if I was to say what I just wrote up there in their  face. Wouldn’t they think me crazy, or rather that I’m living too much in the world of fantasy, or even that I’m watching too many movies. Wouldn’t they give me a punch in the face?? How did you grasp it?? We might not be agreeing but that’s just the understanding I got of comfort.

Just because I choose to lock myself in my own world of comfort, it don’t necessarily mean that I don’t encounter the hardships in life, no. Like every other person I meet a lot of them temptations, a lot of them obstacles, some of which are even much more than anyone can ever imagine. What makes my encounters seem different from those that every other person faces is how I choose to tackle them. How I choose to answer each and every question that I come across in life is what simply makes the difference.

I’m not a superhuman, ah ah, I’m just someone who has got a different understanding of life. You create your own unique world, your own comfort zone, otherwise no one is ever going to compensate you on that. Yea you have to work hard and accomplish your goals that’s true, very true. But life is like a game of chess, you have to watch your every move and be alert, lest you won’t be able to shield yourself from the blows of life.

Being technologically advanced doesn’t mean that you are living in a comfort zone, don’t fool yourself. Just because you are currently driving a mazda ROX8 now you think you are all superior and fly. Wait until you meet those that know how to tackle the questions of life, that’s when you will start to realise that I ain’t living in no fantasy. Only then will you start seeing life from a different point of view.

Being in the comfort zone doesn’t literally mean we have to conduct a survey of who has what, that’s wrong. It’s about who has got a stress free life, who is very healthy soul wise. There are no regrets whatsoever, yea most of us made really foolish decisions once in life as a result of being childish. You never will experience the comfort zone not until you learn to accept your past mistakes and alter them along the way. Mistakes are how we get to learn as human beings. Yea they say a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. But I beg to differ.

It is he who learns to accept the mistakes he made in the past life, and lives past them that is wise. Don’t let what you did as an immature person drag you down and hinder you from enjoying your comfort. You deserve it.

You might still be in school, hang in there your time is yet to come, it might seem like a long time but patience pays, that’s what they say right? If you are now working and earning yourself a little something then great, you understand really what comfort is, don’t limit yourself but again don’t make foolish decisions that will cost you.

Always bear in mind that life is what we make it. What we choose to become is who we live as for the rest of our lives. We will forever suffer the consequences of our choices. So let’s not limit ourselves thinking that the very much comfort zone is only attainable in the world of fantasy. If we reach out we will be able to get it. It will always go back to what we want in life no matter how much we try to run away from it.



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