By NashTee in C

Women emancipation started off as the effort to secure equal rights for women and to remove discrimination from laws, institutions, and between behavioral patterns. But the question is this a fact or it’s fiction arises. How far much has all  that was promised been executed? Is anything being done at all or it was just a mere big word that was used to give women false hope?

The problem with today’s society is we tend to take equality  between men and women for granted. To others it is just but a way for women to find a way to the top, but have you ever taken your time to really ask why women fight for such rights? Have you ever wondered why whenever there is an issue of human trafficking it’s mostly women being trafficked? Have you ever stopped to at least ask yourself why women take this issue that serious?

I bet you no one has ever done any of that. Is it because we don’t care? Or is it because people are so hell bent on the 5th century kinda living, when women would submit to men and not go to work? But with the way everything is evolving so fast would you really expect someone to sweat and endure all those torture days in school just so they get to hang their degree certificates? Trust me that would be absurd.

Louis Ditmar quoted, ‘The freedom of women is the greatest revolution, not just for our own day, but of all time, since it breaks fetters which are as old as the world.’ That came from one of the men out there who is on the same side as women, one of those men who really understands the importance of women on this here earth.

Just because women asked to be treated in a much respectable manner, it doesn’t mean that they say they are going to be rude and not submissive, nope. All they are asking for is to at least be recognised. Given the same chance to try as is given to their male counterparts. Why then aren’t some countries following this? Why aren’t some countries granting women the freedom they are asking for in expressing themselves?

Emancipation is just so that everything within a woman that craves her assertion and activity should reach its fullest, any barrier whatsoever should be broken and the road to unending freedom cleared of every trace of slavery and submission. This was the initial aim of the women when the movement started off.

Liberty and equality for women, such hopes these words built when then they were first uttered by the bravest and noblest souls of the day. But all they strived for was all in vain. It was only implemented in just but a few countries. I wonder really what it is women have achieved ever since the emancipation gospel started being preached?? Women now actually have to emancipate themselves from emancipation if they want to enjoy actual freedom.

Salvation lies only in the energetic march onwards, towards a brighter and clearer future. We all need to grow out of these old habits and traditions. The fight for equality doesn’t start in voting polls nor courts, it begins with you and me, by simply respecting and recognising the women we have in our communities.

Let us be broad and big. Let’s not limit ourselves because we don’t want to think outside the box and see the advantages that comes along with women emancipation. Emancipation comes from within a woman’s soul. So it takes one woman to have all the million women worldwide emancipated.

Let’s all contribute to the emancipation of women and live to see the greatness within the female species on this earth. Let’s us not hinder the great developments that lies within women. The only other way that, that greatness and development is going to manifest is when we all support women and not look down upon them.

NashTee is a lawyer in the making, and writes on her own capacity. Views and comments made do not necessarily reflects those of TAPMAK. -Editor.


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