Peer Pressure

By NashTee in C

‘Come on let’s go hang out, who would want to take that damned psychology quiz,’ that would be coming from one of the kids in your class you soo wished you would get a chance to become friends with. Would you go with them or you would go ahead and go write the quiz instead. What if they call me a dummy? What if they never call me to go hang out with them again? Those are just but some of the questions that gets in one’s head. As we grow older the very first responsibility we get is that of making challenging decisions. Making decisions on your own is hard right, but when everyone or rather when many people get involved and start putting pressure on you one or the other it becomes even harder.

When people your age try to influence you to do something it’s called peer pressure. Now your peers (literally people you hang out with) influence your life even in an unrecognizable way, that is ny just getting to spend time with them, you learn from them and they learn from you. Peers have got a positive influence in our lives, that is, there is always that one person you admire to the extent that you want to be like him or her. Likewise peers influence each other in a negative way. Your drug dealing friend may try to convince you to try and do what he does.

The problem now is some kids submit to peer pressure because they want to try and fit in, or they want to be liked. Or because they don’t want to be made fun of by the other kids. Others just give in because it’s the latest trending thing that everyone else is doing and they want to try something new.

It always seem to be a very difficult thing saying no to peer pressure and standing up for yourself but it can be achieved. Have confidence in yourself, do that which you know is right. Don’t give in easily just because everyone else is doing it, it always is a good thing to try to stand out and be different than the rest of the group.

The first step of avoiding peer pressure is by being able to ‘choose your friends wisely.’ That’s why they always say birds of the same feathers.. You can’t hang out with people who spend much of their time cutting class, doing drugs, shoplifting and expect to be a saint. No.

Having good friend is always an important thing to our happiness. But it’s also good to first assess how you are likely going to benefit from hanging out with that particular group you have chosen for yourself. However it’s important to note that peer pressure ain’t always a bad thing. Just protect yourself by not wanting to fit in, Be yourself and know who you are, your values in life. That will help you stand out.


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