By NashTee in C

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. As they say two is a companionship and three is a crowd. Elbert Hubbard stated that, ‘a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.’ Friends are our pillars whenever we need something solid and strong enough to lean on.

Each friend is there to represent a world in us, one which is not born until the time they arrive in our lives. Most of us depend greatly on the company of true friends. Just as with a relationship, friendships bring support, joy and occasionally strife. We quarrel as friends but the most important thing of all is finding the way back to each other.

Technically speaking a good friend is someone who is very difficult to find. A someone we will always count on even in the hardest of times. A good friend is there when you are struggling always having your back. There are many valuable things in life but none of them will ever equate to friendship.

Human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are essential to the successful well being of anyone. The true definition of a friendship is based upon one’s own notion, it is a term that cannot really live upon a single definition, reason being everyone else out there sees it as a different unique thing, according to their own friendships.

Friends are literally the second family we have got, the people who knows close to everything about our lives. They are always going to be there to offer us support whenever we need it the most. They are little angels who are always going to be there to help to our feet when we can’t flip our wings.

They are the engines that are there to keep our cars of life moving right up ahead, without such people to give us the necessary support we are just as the living dead. Most people think acquaintances to be friends, but that’s a different case altogether. True friendship is when you are friends from high school and remain friends even in the life to come.

A friend is someone who should be able to respect, love, be loyal and should never leave or betray their other. They are the very people allowed to tell us the very harsh truths about ourselves. In times of depression and crisis, a friend is there to calm us down and offer comfort, they help to lift up our spirits. True friends don’t make fun of each other, laugh at each other or back bite each other, they treat each other with love and respect. Friends should be able to sacrifice even their life  for their friend, that is true friendship.

A true friend should be available always, no matter the circumstances as they say, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ A true friend is a great companion, in the midst of great distress, in poverty and other misfortunes alike. A true friend gives us direction, they are like a flashlight that’s always there, available to show us the way, to light the path for us so that we can see exactly where we are headed.

You are known by the people you move with, whcich is generally supported by the phrase, ‘show me your friend and I will tell you your character.’ The people we choose to associate with define who we are now and who we are to become in the future to come.

Friendship can be very hard to maintain, what is needed to endure all the hardships is patience, love and a sense of tolerance. True friendship is formed by mutual trust and togetherness, so that you forget every other thing and come closer together. Love each other like the sisters and brothers you have grown to be, appreciate each other and understand each other’s views. Though keeping up with these maybe difficult, it is entirely important and desirable for the maintenance of true friendship.

Friendship is such a divine thing here on earth. It lifts you up when feeling down, it gives one the true meaning of life. A good friend is considered to be a blessing from up above. All of us need that someone with whom we can share our emotions with, someone on whom we can place our trust.

When everything seems to be going in the wrong direction, a friend is someone who will fill us up with courage and confidence. Someone quoted saying, ‘walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.’ That quote alone shows us how much a friend fill in for us. Which gives us even the more reason to love, cherish and respect our friends, because a good friend is hard to find.



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