To All Mothers! We Love You!!

By NashTee in C

This is literally a term given to someone who is selfless enough to forget to care for herself just so she makes sure someone else has got a much better life than hers. She is that kind of a woman who has to go through a great deal of trouble for her family and still enjoy every little step she takes along the way.

As mothers and daughters we are connected with each other, she is the bones of the spine keeping the daughter straight and true. No daughter would ever imagine living a life without their mother being present.

In most instances they might do things that will make it seem as if they don’t care about their kids but when you take a lot closer look, you will realise that they actually will be doing their kids a very huge favour. There is no bond so strong in the entire universe than the one that mothers and their kids share.

She is the one true friend we will ever have as kids, when friends abandon us, when trials have a sudden fall upon us, when troubles thickens around us, still will she cling to us. Through thick and thin she is willing to walk with us, even through our most darkest times.

Behind each and every story we might have is our mother’s stories because that is exactly where all of our stories begin. Abraham Lincoln has a very famous statement which says, ’no man is poor who has a Godly mother.’ A mother is just a God sent person whose main job on this here earth is to take care of other vulnerable beings called her kids.

All that I am today and all that I will ever hope to become is owed to my mother, for she has always held my hand through thick and thin. She is just  but the dearest friend one will ever ask for. The very best of them all. This is thus the very reason why being a mother is very difficult, had it been easy I bet even fathers would do it as well.

It’s a unique role that requires a unique being for the task to be accomplished. She is a person who is able to do the work of twenty people for no price at all. A mother’s love for her kids can never be compared to anything in this world, it knows no pity, no law. A mother is always there to just shape the lives of her kids and to make sure that they go exactly in the right path.

It is the wish of every mother that their kids end up living a life that is way up above the one she had. No mother will be at peace knowing that their kids are living a life that is way lower than that she had. A mother is that one person who will always see the best in her kids even when all they do is drive her crazy, her unconditional love can never be equated to anything, neither can it be paid by anything. This is because she is just a superwoman, a hero.

Her job is to show us that which we need instead of what we want, but just because we are kids we might see it as if she is making life unfair for us. Her greatest joy is seeing her kids being happy, no matter how much you make a mother mad, her heart is quick to forgive.

No one will ever find a better best friend other than the mother, this is because she knows you more than anyone else will ever do. Just as their prayers to their children are unending so are the, wisdom, and strength they provide to their kids. She is a woman who is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife, all in one, the full package. She has a brain and she knows how to use it, she gives us life, respect, gratitude, love, and above all she believes in us. She will nurture and fight for her kids. She deserves nothing less from them.

She is a million in one, nothing will ever surpass the love she has for her kids and nothing will ever measure up to the love she has for her kids. She deserves to be loved, cherished, respected and adored. She is just but a perfect masterpiece, God’s own beautiful creature, made in many forms, each one unique in her own way.

Thumbs up to all them mothers out there.


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