To The Very Special Women

By NashTee in C

A woman is a shining example of God’s grace, almost every girl child aspires to be such a masterpiece as her mother is. A mother is any woman who is willing to sacrifice a few things just so her children can get a million out of the few.

Mothers are capable of holding their children’s hearts in ways that are unimaginable. It is their duty to see to it that their children never lack in anything. She is that one person who will proudly say she is not hungry just so her children may eat, that one person who is willing to lie just so her kids have eternal happiness.

She is just but the greatest teacher, a teacher of fearlessness and compassion. No one will ever love or care for her children as much as she does. She is the person who can comfort you anytime you are distressed. That one person who is willing to go through anything just so you achieve that which you so desire.

A woman who is full of wisdom, it may look as if she does not care when she forbids you to do such things you consider fun while growing up, but it is all because she is trying to shape your future and give you a future you will not live to regret.

The least she deserves is for her efforts to be acknowledged, she deserves to be praised for all the good work she does. For all that she has achieved through the upbringing of her children.

This is to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the beautiful ladies out there.


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