Heavy Heart <3

By Tap Mak

Looking at the blue screen, void and motionless. The blue isn’t the screen but the state of the heart. Depressed is the word they use when you feeling blue. But the blues is the music they sing with a heavy heart.

I’ve never tried to give it away, for away it gave itself in. I never shared it, for sharing was a menace. Accused of being selfish, selfish it became. But what could I do with a heavy blue heart.

Red might be the blood but bloody is the break. Broken glass, shattered hope, fragmented soul all for the blues, of a heavy heart. Heavy! Yea heavy for HOME SEEMS FAR WHEN YOU ARE DRAGGING YOUR HEART ALONG… GOTTA GIVE IT TO SOMEONE

#Single #Dating #Relationships #YoungAdult #Friendship


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