My Date 3: Reflections

By Tap Mak

She wanted to go home and yet she hadn’t said anything that could help my cause. What had I done wrong. Why did she have to change all of a sudden. I know I wasn’t supoosed to be so childish but what could I have done since her spell was strong.

I didn’t stand like Samson but I think I had an idea in what he felt when he saw Delilah. Neither was she Delilah but so strong was her charm that in reaching out I stumbled, mumbled and fell.

After driving a couple of minutes silently I had to ask why she was in such a mood change. The reply though spoken calmly was not satisfactory but yet I chose to hang on to the little hints of hope. That was my demise in the previous attempt.

Unlike this Becky, Tsitsi was a total opposite of me. I had seen the tell-tale signs even the warning from my elder I didn’t take heed for I was so full of myself that I believed I could do it on my own.

She had no mercy at all as she successfully ripped and shreded my emotions. Is that what they called love, I didn’t know. For the sake of reputation I didn’t want to break the courtship but when I thought that my life could be hell I sacrificed my pride and went out for freedom.

All of this I thought I had gotten over. That’s why I gave my pastor assurance that this time I had prayed up and I believed and believed that I was right. But the last few moments had brought back my misery, opened wounds I thought was just scars left, outside I saw but inside It was still fresh, bloody and full of puss.

These thoughts raged churned and mingled within me that I do not know how I got her safely home. I snapped back to reality when I turned at her fathers and its only then that I saw her gaze transfixed beyond the headlights that struck the gate.

SHE remained seated, hands folded face empty of expression. The mood, the silent drive might have did the trick. Which trick, I do not know. I wanted to enjoy the sight but seeing we were at her gate time was nolonger on my side.

Just then I said, “Well…”.

“I will call you Tee..” and she opened the door and gracefully walked out.  

I was stunned that I couldn’t make sense of the statement.  When I stepped out of the car she was standing and unlocking the small gate. Did she mean call as in phone call or was I asuming a new name.

“I will see you to the door”, I said.

“No, don’t worry. You go and rest you have been through enough. Just go…but I will call you…and don’t call me when I haven’t called you.” 

“Oh, ok.” 

“I will call you Tee.” This time it was more of a whisper than anything and she slid behind the gate. 


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