My Date: Part 5

These weeks have been the hardest for me; I had hard time staying focused at work. It’s been a week or two since we last met. She had said I shouldn’t contact her before she does. I often picked up my phone dialed her number then cut before it rang I didn’t want to seem desperate for an answer. But it was a painful long week I couldn’t stand it any longer something had to be done and besides the pastor had asked me for updates, I had to answer the man of God, though the day he called I had answered as if all was well and had told him how sorry I was for not giving him the update but would get back to him soon as possible. Handina kumbonyepa ba ndakangoti ndichava fonera ndichivapa update as I was trying to console myself.

Ndaneta nokumira kunge muti yakadyarwa by e rivers of water seemingly like I was not being moved by this issue. Nhasi ndotoda minduro ndione kuenderera nehupenyu I said aloud to myself ndakara gazing into thin air. It was 7:15 apa ndichakarara and almost late for work. During this “waiting period” my mood had turned sour like a grape fruit, my days seemed longer and the atmosphere gloomy. Musikana uyu chiiko chaakandipa kuti ndibve nda-ndaita kunyura murudo kudaro, kuita kupira moyo wose kwaari, kuguma pasarudzo yangu. I felt kuti ndiye bvupa rangu,uye nyama yenyama yangu zvakare, but why did the wait seem like agony. Is that what Jacob felt when she worked 14 years for a bride. I couldn’t bear these years because these past 14 days seems like eternity. That’s the consolation I gave myself as I got out of bed.

8:30 I was at work, a little bit late but at least what mattered most was my presence there at work. Just when I was settling in the groove for work, I guess around ten hundred hours fifteen min and thirty six seconds, sipping my rooibos at my desk landline yakabva yariria.

“Mr Makosa you have a visitor at front desk, should I usher them into your office?” was the voice on call.
“Mmmm ndiani cause I’m not expecting anyone.”
“It’s a lady named Rebecca, says she knows you weren’t expecting her, but insists she is a friend.”
I was stunned and sat quiet for a moment, mouth agape. I wish you could have seen the look on my face till the voice on call brought me back.
“Halo, Mr Makosa are you still there…matichi ndimuti chii, can I say you are in a meeting or…”
“Meeting, no, no no!… eish sorry for shouting. Please usher her in or rather not rega ndiuye ikoko.”
With that I hung up. Here was the lady conducting on an ambush on me. What other cards could she play, and what’s really up her sleeves.

I quickly recollected my wits as soon as I put the phone down. Rushed to the bathroom to check myself on the mirror. Eish, cause of the rush I didn’t spray any deo. But really there is nothing more to impress bhora ndakatamba kare angosara maresults anga anonoka kuuya seeO’Level ya2008. I looked into the mirror and told the reflection, “This is the day that the Lord has made. Future Mr and Mrs Makosa will be glad in it.” Assuring myself that it was now light, in the evening week. Automatically smile nemufaro wakabuda panguva iyoyo hama dzangu handidi kukunyeperai. Ndakatamba nomufaro ndiripa miroor hangu ndichizvitaudza ndega “Tapmak you’re the man, hee, damsel ratoita kukutevera kubasa. Ratotadza kusevenza richikufunga pada rikanyepera boss kuti ringokuona. Haaa hey, watora mic, ice cream chaiyo. I was whistling “This is like heaven to me” on my way to the reception.

When I got there:- LO and Behold a lady seated majestically in one of the couches. She was the only visitor, but her presence, her face radiant with beauty and always smart mukadzi wemumagazine reThe Club. Not these new one, but the old ones which you cut pictures to decorate our books. She turned her head in my direction, lost and mesmerized by her beauty I couldn’t help but smile like a baby from ear to ear and SHE SMILED BACK. Time froze, at least for me.

We simultaneously said, “Hey!”
“Woow, w-w-what a pleasant surprise? What brought you here this morning, I mean I-I-I’m literally stunned.”
“Sorry to barge in like this un announced, but was in the area and thought to pass by and greet you. Very sorry to disturb you cause seems like a busy man.”
“Yes, ah no, no, kana for you my de- nothing is of inconvenience. Come let go to my office.”
“Thanks, but I just want some fresh air I don’t know if you mind, like-well- if we take a walk. I really want us to discuss something. That is if you are Okay with it.”
“Oh, Ok, sure why not. ( In my mind ndaingoti, hehehe nhasi zvangu zvaita, as I thought on the day Bro Bill took a walk with Hope, ndomusi wavakapiwa mhinduro yavo).
“We can take all the time no problem. in fact lets go at this coffee shop it’s not as enclosed.” I continued.
“Eh, Wadza,” motioning to the secretary, “please let the boss and anyone looking for me know I have an urgent matter to be attended and will be back in an hour”
“Sure, no problem,” she said with a wink and a naughty smile on her face.

We walked out the door in silence. I broke the silence with the usual rhetoric questions; how have you been, hows mum, dad you know those kind of questions. At least they helped us to reach the coffee place which is not really far after all. We found a nice seating place overlooking the garden they had prepared. Just when we sat down she said.
“Oh sorry I almost forgot, I brought you something forgot,” she said placing a little gift bag on the table. The inside contents were boxed and sealed.
“That’s nice of you, you shouldn’t have done that. What is it then?”
“No do not open it here, you open it when you are home. It’s just nothing much hey just thought to get something for a good friend of mine.” Did she just say friend. I almost panicked, but calmed myself down. Probably she didn’t want to make it so obvious.
“Okay. I will be patient. What are you ordering then?”
“A cappuccino and a croissant will do for me.”
“Well, I left a half rooibos cup at work, will take a half cup from here and choc cake.”

The order was delivered fast and we started to eat in silence. Well it was not like munching away as I usually do. Then I just said “asi nhasi ishura, Becky kunditeera kuno. Ndageza neiko?” She couldn’t help but laugh. At least she didn’t take it as pride or ego. The mood became daisy and we welcomed laughter on our table. Time went by at least 30 minutes tichiseka tichikurukura better than our first date. Well our tea was finished and my barrel of jokes was almost running dry I thought let me give her the podium to say her issue. But before I could turn the tide, she did just changed the story.

“Hey time is gone but, well, uhm-m-m. The reason.” Pause. “The reason why I came this far wasn’t that I was just in the neighborhood. I been thinking these past week about your proposal and I-I…”
Silence ensured as she seemed to try to gather up her words.
“Ok, Tee, I’m trying to find a nice way to put this…” She stopped again. She was not nervous as this on our first date. “Mmmm does a simple I do take a story to let it out” I thought to myself. I didn’t want to push her, so I kept silent.

“Tee, please don’t get me wrong you a good Christian bro, high esteemed I did a little detective work and everyone had good things to say about you. You are a charm, you were making me laugh here like nobody else. I like the fact that you are just you.”
“Aww, thanks, that’s so swe-“ I have never been so flattered, but she cut me.
“It’s quiet cool, your personality. Oh yah you came highly recommended but the thing is as the Bible says deep calleth unto deep there is no deep. Pause.
“Well, with me, I mean within me… please be not be angry with me.”

“Come on, how can I be angry with you. You haven’t said anything yet.” But I was now feeling uneasy, I could sense something wasn’t right. I could feel the suspense that the prophet refers to in My Life Story. She continued
“So you said, or I said a deep, Ok you had a deep and there is supposed to be a deep to respond. So since that day till now, I just want to tell you that…”


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