By Nashlee in C

In life there will always come a time when you will feel like the walls are really closing in on you. That time when you will finally find the courage to ask the question, WHERE IS GOD? WHY IS HE LETTING SUCH THINGS HAPPEN TO ME? And tell you what no one will answer those questions for you.

You will be so desperate that you are ready to do anything just so you can survive, but just cause you are a Christian, hehehe what am i even saying, just cause you are more than just a Christian, just cause you know the God you serve, the one you believe in, just cause you know he will do wonders when it is just but the right time you will keep holding on.

Right that is exactly how the chain goes, you keep believing because even though you don’t see it he fights some battles you don’t even see. The food you have on your table daily even after not even having a dime on your table, the clothes you have to wear, the fight against those spirits you can’t and will never know of.

That sums everything up. With every passing second you just gotta thank God for the very air you are breathing, for making you through the day, for being with you on your journey, you name it. Things might not always be right for us, but that does not mean we do’nt have to thank God, thank him for each day that you get to see because you are not aware of what battles he had to fight for you to be where you are.

In as much as you might be lost, trying to figure out what it is that is left for you, never give up on God for he says in his word he knows the plans he has for you. No parent whatsoever will have joy in the suffering of their child. So always know that about God himself, he is never going to see you suffer and not help you through it. Just learn to wait on his time, for his time is always the best time ever.

He is never  neither will he ever forget that he has a promise to keep, he always remember to repay all the hardwork and effort you put in place. Just keep focused and don’t try to fool yourself, being lost does not mean that you have to be foolish.

Learn to not carry the weight on your own shoulders. Let go and let God……


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