This is just but a term used to describe crushing grief, distress and anguish, often due to pains and strains of love. Love gone awry equals deep emotional pain,a spike in insecurity and a temporary desire to retreat from the world. But the wise people from the old times did say that, “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” In as much as something heartbreaking might happen in your life, it’s meant to be, to shape and mould you into a much better person for tomorrow than the one you are today.

Don’t be discouraged, as soon as you take the fall, stand up, dust your knees and brace up for the rest of the journey will really all you have to give. Someone once said a statement that really got to me, your heart maybe bruised but you are not broken; that means it’s all psychological, just because you know you have been hurt you choose to play the sitting duck and mopping about life.

Get a hang of yourself and keep moving forward hey. You are meant for much better and greater things than just being idle there and then. Life still has more to offer you, start moving forward. Ther is a saying which goes like, “never be ashamed of a scar.It simply means you were stronger than whatever that tried to hurt you.”

It’s okay to feel as if half of what you believed in has disappeared, it’s ok to whine and mop around. What’s not ok is to forever be stuck in that zone. Strong people will always have the strength to move on even after a dozen storms hit them all at once. Its not the trials and tribulations we come across that define who we are, rather it is how we address and handle the situations, and how we manage ourselves after that really defines who we are and what will become of us.

Don’t lose your self esteem, worse off don’t lose yourself because of a simple trial, break ups are meant to happen, so that we learn one,two or a dozen lessons from the mistake that was. Give your wound time to heal, yes but when it’s time to brace up and pick yourself up. Do that with pride, raise your chin and walk like the beautiful masterpiece you are.

Never look down upon yourself, be confident than ever and keep working on your dreams. Don’t let it get to you that hard, to that it will hinder you of your success. Wear a smile always. It is jus but the best accessory there is out there.

Above all always know you are special nomatter the circumstances.


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