Having established that it is unbecoming for a human being to be short of company from other human beings. God went on a mission to solve that problem, and as highlighted in Part 1, Adam passed through the animal naming phase before Eve was taken from him. Now we want to establish one key point here, derived from the animal naming session before we continue.

When God saw the state of the human being, HE spoke of the kind of solution that HE was to give. The scripture, paraphrased, reads … ‘I will make him an help meet for him’. The Hebrew word translated to help meet is {‘ezer; pronounced ay’zer} which means succour.

Succour is considered an archaic word for “an assistant, aid, relief or the one who minister these in times of distress”. So the solution to human beings solitude was a minister of relief. The relief could not be brought by any other creature but a human being.

This clearly shows that the person needed, can not only be a wife or a husband, for a human being needs succour from birth to death.

Let me categorically state that I am in no ways trying to downplay the importance of getting married and people finding their heterosexual life partners.

I had to be specific on that, for that is the true meaning of the verse. God knew that the kind of help is best cultivated from the different sex for the human being.

I am no expert, as this is purely speculation, but I think I can stretch it to terms like “mama’s boy” and “dady’s girl”. It is considered normal that a male child is attached to the mother and the girl child to the father.

Why children when growing do not get attached to the same sexes (that is father or mother) is because they are competitors rather than complimentary. A boy finds that support from his mother and a girl finds it from her father; why? Because they are opposite sex.

One can argue, GOD set the precedence when HE gave a solution to Adams’ problem. HE gave a WOMAN, not a MAN, therefore there is no room for SAME SEX unions in the equation. IT never was GODs purpose for a man to quench another man’s thirst.

But notice, I am not saying you cannot have friends of the same sex. You should stay balanced and not run on a tantrum.

My point of emphasis is; a human being needs another human being (most likely of the opposite sex) to be A MINISTER IN TIMES OF DISTRESS, TIMES WHEN HE/SHE MIGHT BE ISOLATED.

This need not to be at marriageable age, but at any stage, as might be seen in young children being mostly attached to the opposite sex between their mother and father.

Things might be a different for babies. Now newly born babies are a treasure to human kind, for they are direct signs for the future of humanity. They are also a direct result of the loneliness of the human being given aid. Babies do get lonely, and they do get distressed also, but have you noticed that they seem to know the hold of their mother more than anything else.

The mother has a certain spirit that relates with the spirit with the baby that is the reason it can throw a tantrum when she is away, but the moment she hold it, she calms down. Why? It is not good for a man to be alone.


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