When Church Becomes Preying Ground

After a dull day I was seated in a taxi(kombi) going home and in the seats behind me were three gentlemen. Well I’m not sure if I can call them gentle but, wewordoung man, probably middle aged (African Version).

They were engaged in an animated conversation and I couldn’t help but tune my ears away from the music in my ear pieces to their musings. You can call it eavesdropping but for me twas just participatory observation because I latter added my thoughts.

I established that they were from the same Apostolic sect (mapostori) and were discussing the role of prophecy in the church. The big question was:


The argument was if you reveal you risk breaking a home. But is not the home already broken, since the wife is dividing the union fruit with a stranger.

The other argued that what if she denies the allegations and the prophet and his prophecy are regarded unscrupulous. On this I thought that probably the “prophet” isn’t sure about his prophecies.

As the conversation continued I established that these men were not innocent either as one of them was boasting on how he tried approaching his sister-in-law (mainini) who, as he said, just gave an excuse that what will the people at the shrine(krawa) say.

So I started wondering whether we we are going to church to pray or to prey. Are people going to church to worship or for woo-ship (I just created that word). Yes church is a place for sinners looking for grace but not necessarily a sinning place.

One of them later aired concern. He sounded like a troubled soul till he cried out. He said, “I now cannot go to South Africa to work and be at rest that my wife is home and going to church.”

Wolves are destroying the flock.


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