I was wrong to crush you when I should have let us build an empire. I was wrong to, and today I seat regretting knowing that I LOST A LADY, A WOMAN OF VIRTUE when I thought I was getting rid of a girl.


Care to care, minister

She knelt down, tears streaming on her cheeks. She had been begging to him not to leave. For she did not set out to be that. But who could justify her. Nobody. The pictures had been spread, and the church especially the elders have been wrath. How could she dare do that. He was a…

When Church Becomes Preying Ground

After a dull day I was seated in a taxi(kombi) going home and in the seats behind me were three gentlemen. Well I’m not sure if I can call them gentle but, wewordoung man, probably middle aged (African Version). They were engaged in an animated conversation and I couldn’t help but tune my ears away…